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EasyStrain Colander - Kitchen Gadget

EasyStrain Colander - Kitchen Gadget

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A colander is a kitchen utensil that is typically bowl-shaped and has small holes or perforations on its bottom. The purpose of a colander is to strain or drain liquid from food items such as pasta, vegetables, and fruits.

A colander with a handle is designed to make it easier to hold and use, providing a comfortable grip while straining food. The handle is usually made of heat-resistant material which makes it safe to hold even when the colander has been used for hot liquids.

Material: Recyclable Plastic (PP)
Colors: Various
Item size: In centimeters, 34cm x 12.5cm. In inches, 13in x 5in
Item weight: In grams, about 50g.  In pounds, about 0.11 lbs.


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